Anishnaabembda Noongo (Lets speak Anishinaabemowin today) is a program to help beginners learn some basic Anishinaabemowin words and phrases. Comes on daily at 10 minutes past every even numbered hour.

Mskwaankwad Rice is an Anishinaabe from Wasauksing, an island on the shores of Mnido Gamii in Anishinaabe Akiing. Like most Anishinaabek his age, Mskwaankwad learned a small bit of Anishinaabemowin growing up and in recent years he has sought to learn more of the language in order to help revitalize and pass it on to future generations. It is his dream to learn Anishinaabemowin fluently and to help others in their language learning journeys. Mskwaankwad is very excited to work with the Rez 91 team to help make this dream a reality.